PWPublic Works

Mission: Enhance Socorro’s quality of life through the construction and operation of a safe, effective physical environment; protect public health, safety and natural resources; and provide neighborhoods, businesses and visitors with efficient, quality services necessary to meet the demands of our growing, diverse community.


We will be the best for our citizens and our employees, and be recognized as a proactive, professional public works team.


  • Safety: There is nothing more important than ensuring every employee finishes the day healthy and whole
  • Service: We are here to serve the citizens of Socorro
  • Integrity: We are honest and respectful
  • Pride: We do quality work that we are proud of

Our Services

  • Street construction, maintenance, and repair
  • Signs, guard rails, and other traffic safety controls
  • Removal of dead animals from the City right-of-way
  • Stormwater control outside of El Paso County Water Improvement District #1’s responsibilities
  • Operation of the Socorro Recycling Center
  • General beautification of city areas and facilities
  • Support to other city departments when and wherever possible

Public Works Priorites

Recent rains have left water on our streets, silted many of our drainage structures full, and left us with considerable street damage. Current Public Works priorities are:

1.  Flood Response: Remove standing water from streets, clear ditches and culverts, and repair berms to ensure we are protected in case of more rain.

2. Street and Shoulder Repair: When streets are dry enough to effectively place asphalt, Public Works will fix potholes, grade shoulders, and repair other urgent damage to streets

3 . Complete 2014 Overlay Project: City Council has funded overlays or paving for 22 streets this summer. 17 are complete. When the most urgent flood response and street repairs are finished, we will restart work to finish the remaining two streets in District 1 and three in District 3.

Other tasks, such as mowing, cleanup, and non-urgent street repairs will be taken care of once these are complete. Public Works has scheduled a street maintenance period in the fall, which will focus on weed removal, sweeping, cleaning, and other routine street maintenance and minor repairs.

We always appreciate citizens helping us identify problem areas throughout the City. Please call in issues to Public Works at 858-1114, or the City receptionist at 858-2915. Thanks!

Maintenance Regarding Weeds and Tall Grass

 The Public Works Department is currently facing its busiest time of the year. During the rainy season a large part of their efforts are put towards dealing with rain and runoff water around the city and also repairing roadways that are damaged by these heavy rains.

Another unfortunate side-effect to these rains is that they allow grass and weeds to grow more rapidly. We understand that trimming/mowing these areas is important to our residents and your Public Works Team has a plan to do so. They are beginning to trim/mow neighborhoods in the southeastern part of the city and will be working their way to the northwest.

We ask and thank you for your patience as we take on this project as continuing rains and road-repairs that need to be completed for safety purposes are dealt with simultaneously. Your Public Works Team will be working as diligently and efficiently as possible to make sure we meet our residents needs.

Thank You.


Animal Control

Dead Animal Pick up

Our staff will pick up dead animals from city street limits. City personnel cannot collect dead animals from under buildings, attics, ditches, or on private property. The service is available only during regular working hours. Time of the animal pick up will depends of time of call/report and working schedule.

Street Lights

Street Lights

Keeping our city well lit helps our residents prevent accidents and possible vandalism. Feel free to report any street light issue to our office. You may also report the problem to El Paso Electric Co. at 915-877-3400.

Guard Rails and Street Signs

To report guard rail or street sign damage, please contact our office at (915) 858-1114.


Recycling Center

The Recycling Center accepts paper, plastics and metals. Please place items in a plastic bag. Recyclables containing liquids or food residue should be emptied, rinsed, and dried before placing them in the recycling container to avoid contamination.

Not Accepted: Glass and household trash.

Address: 241 Old Hueco Tanks

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Office Phone Number: (915) 858-1114

Helpful Telephone Numbers

Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT)

The following major streets are maintained by TXDOT, not the City of Socorro:
• Horizon Blvd.
• North Loop
• Alameda Ave
• Soccoro Rd

TXDOT can be reached at (915) 790-4200

Irrigation and Stormwater

Canals and irrigation ditches are maintained by the El Paso County Water Improvement District #1 (EPCWID).

EPCWID can be reached at (915) 872-4000

Water and Trash

Water, sewage, and trash pickup are handled by the Lower Valley Water District (LVWD).
LVWD can be reached at (915) 791-4480
You may also call them to schedule free bulk trash pickup


The City of Socorro provides no trash services other than recycling and tire drop-off. If LVWD cannot meet your trash requirements, bulk refuse can be dropped (for a fee) at the Clint Landfill. Their number is (915) 212-6000

The El Paso Electric Company provides power to our City. You can contact them at (915) 543-5970